A custom interactive COVID-19 timeline created for the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum shows decisions and approaches taken by each of six EaP countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) to fight against the pandemic. It covers areas of health, economy & society, and rights & freedoms. A set of filters allows users to check the details of the country of interest or compare different countries in any period of the pandemic time.

The chart was built using the D3 JS library. The data have been collected and managed by the EaP CSF team. The current version of the timeline shows the 2020 year data only.
To see the latest updates and up to date information, please visit the EaP CSF website.

Comparative COVID-19 timeline across EaP countries

March 2020 - ongoing

Choose from different (sub)categories of measures and milestones across all or selected EaP countries.

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