How Americans Vote

Wide varieties of different machines are used in electoral processes in the USA. Using an open source data I've decided to display all these technologies on the geo-spatial level. There are two main forms of voting technology to record each choice. The first one - Optical-Scan Systems (yellow tones on the map) and the second - Direct Recording Electronic Machines or DRE (red tones on the map). The map bellow display counties used each of those categories and mixed (green tones).

  • Equipment map
  • Voters map
Amount of registered voters
  • 0 - 1k
  • 1k - 5k
  • 5k - 10k
  • 10k-50k
  • 50k-100k
  • 100k-250k
  • 250k-500k
  • 500k - 1m
  • 1m - 1.5m
  • 1.5m and up
  • - N/A data
Type of the poling place equipment
  • Direct Recording Electronic (DRE)
  • DREs with VVPAT
  • DREs without VVPAT
  • Optical Scan System
  • Paper Ballot
  • All Vote by Mail
  • Mixed Systems
  • Paper Ballot & DREs with VVPAT
  • Paper Ballot & DREs with & without VVPAT

The switch on the top of the map provides opportunity to change the data on the map. By clicking on the "Voters map" you will see total amount of the registered voters in every single county across the country. The light blue means less registered voters and the dark tone - more voters. On the moment of the publication of the map there were some counties with no available data of the voters registration. All those counties are filled in light grey color.

Original article with the details of the research is available here