Weather patterns in major Ukrainian cities

Weather is all around us. The weather is something like the Matrix, a topic that we all have in common and we can talk about. And it is not a surprise, we are talking about it. But why? One interesting point is that the weather is a good way of "breaking the ice" or in other words, start new conversations with anyone and anywhere. Thus, people talk about the weather online, offline, on the phone and so on. According to that opinion, the idea of the project is to visualize the weather trends in few Ukrainian cities, Kyiv, Lviv, and Odesa and to see how good they are as friendship icebreakers. If the weather is dynamic and not so smooth it gives much more chances to start a conversation with the weather-related topics and possibly make new friends. The data for the visualization is collected from the Weather Underground website and contains the highest temperature for each day for the last two decades (since January 1, 1996, until December 31, 2017).

The interactive line chart below represents entire dataset by each year separately. Every single line represents one year. The list of the years on the right side allows to show or hide selected lines (years) just by clicking on a box. Each box is filled with the same color as the equivalent line on a chart. Hovering on a char provides an exact highest temperature in Celsius for each day and year.

According to the graph, it looks like the first part of 1996 was not the best period for the weather conversations because the temperature rising was so smooth and soft. How did we make new friends during that time? Hopefully, since the second part of 1996 the weather becomes much more dynamic with every day sharp changes. Since then, the everyday temperature is dynamic, dynamic and again dynamic with the changes around 10°C from day to day. Sometimes it reminds sci-fi weather patterns on the other planets.

The boxplot above provides the summary of the changes and indicates a degree of dispersion and skewness in the dataset. The median value for the Lviv city is 14°C, for the Kyiv is 13°C and a little bit higher for the Odesa city - 15°C. Mean value for the cities are: Lviv - 12.65, Kyiv - 12.97, Odesa - 14.83. Standard deviation: Lviv - 10.03, Kyiv - 11.32, Odesa - 10.25.